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Scooby Doo Hentai Videos

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Scooby Doo Porn Real Movie Video Where Is The Video On Scooby And Daphne Fucking I Diden See Any

Scooby Doo Porn Real Movie Video Where Is The Video On Scooby And Daphne Fucking I Diden See Any

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Daphney Scooby Doo Porn

Daphney Scooby Doo Porn

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Scooby Doo Porn Toons

Scooby Doo Porn Toons

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Scooby Doo And Velma Hentai Comic

Scooby Doo And Velma Hentai Comic

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Our own Mystery Movie Chapter 3

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Our own Mystery Movie Chapter 4

Me: Aw man, that block sucks! Apps, many writer here have a muse that is talking to them. Why do I just have a talking mind and no muse talking to me?

Apps: Apparently, I don’t know it. But be happy that you’ve got anything that talks to you.

Me: I am, but it depends on what’s talking to me how happy I am about it. And right now, I’d like some kind of a muse talking to me.

Apps: I could see if I can wake up Invy. She may could help you. I mean, you got the name? Invy- invent.

Me: No. Way. You’re not seriously telling me, that I’ve got TWO… one mind and one muse in my head and the muse has just been sleeping until now.

Apps: Er… yes, I am.

Invy: *yawn* Kay, what’ve I missed?

Me: Ookay… Now I’ve got a mind that talks to me and a muse. And my muse talks in slang. And, while my mind is more into a male direction, my muse seems to be female.

Invy: You totally got it.

Apps: How right you are.

Me: What do you think, at which number of voices you hear you should visit a psych?

Invy: Five, I’d say. I like tha’ numba.

Me:….. however. I’m spending really to much time with this start now. Here’s the story. Invy, since I’ve got you as my muse now, would you do the favor of helping me?

Invy: Sure, man!

Apps: Now I really wonder if waking you up was a good idea. Apparently, I’m the only normal one here now. And the only one thinking of a disclaimer, too. She doesn’t owns Scooby, the gang or the Mystery Machine. She’d like to, but still, she doesn’t.

Was he getting enough air?

Just breathing through his nose seemed not enough. His view was blurry.

The room changed.

A cellar.

The cellar.

Everything around him changed from the room at the lake to the cellar.

There was the old table. The bikes. The boxes.

Everything was exactly like-

Like back then.

He shut his eyes.

No. It wasn’t. This was just his imagination, playing tricks on him. But opening his eyes again, the cellar was there. Dark, wet at some places. No doubt. It was the cellar. Then was he-

Yes. He was bound to the metal pole.

Then it shot through him. When now everything was like back then, then-

Oh. No. It was.

Velma was sitting in a chair, bound tight to it.

A man was leaning over her, his breath fogging her glasses up, her eyes shut tightly.

And there was nothing he could do about it.

Daphne and Velma had gone to the office of Tortoi Studios. It was a huge building, colored in a nicely vanilla cream paint.

Since they had no real clue were to begin the search for Shaggy, they had asked Sam where they could find out more about the phantom.

He had told them to go to the office and search for Susan, the older woman who was official the “front desk lady”. She had worked at Tortoi Studios since twenty years now and knew everyone who worked there, since they all had been at the office from time to time. Being a really nice and friendly front desk lady, she always spoke with them. So she was probably the one, who knew most of everyone who worked here.

“Can I help you?” the woman, her age somewhere around fifty asked Velma and Daphne when they entered the office. Her hair was grey and pinned-up, but not in a strict way, some strands of hair were in front of her face and a kind smile was set on her lips.

“Yeah, you can.”

“I guess you want to Mr. Kinsky?”

“Um…no. We would like to talk to you, provided you are the Susan, Sam Myers told us to go to.”

“Yes, that’s me. How can I help you?”

“I guess you heard about the phantom? The ghost of the electrician, who is supposed to wander through the whole studios since six moth now?”

“Sure. Who hasn’t heard of him? But… how can I exactly help you now?”

“Well… the phantom. He kidnapped our friend. And now, we want to find out as much over the phantom as possible. Sam Myers, our guide has told us, if anyone can give us really good and important information about him, it would be you.”

“Oh. I’m very sorry for your friend. I hope you’ll be able to find him. But first… you said, Sam would be your guide? I guess you’ve won the free tour through our studios then?”

“Oh, yes. Our kidnapped friend- Shaggy has an.. interesting appetite and it was very easy for him to eat this. But could you please tell us everything you know about the phantom, or better, the electrician? It could be really important.”

“Of course. I’d be glad if I can help you. Well, the electrician. His name was Bertram Meier.”

“Bertram Meier? Not from the USA, or?”

“No, he was from Germany. You could tell it, he was always complaining about how much better the German beer is than ours. He loved his job. But at one day, he was just too old. He wanted to get a quiet life, settle down with his wife and his son, Tobias, who is working here now. But the director for that movie, “A Hell Of An Angel” asked him to stay just for some more days, since his follower would be there. Being a friendly guy, Bertram stayed. But then, at exactly his last day here, that fire broke out in the studio and he died because he couldn’t make his way out. A very sad story and with a tad of irony.”


“Yeah. You have to know, Bertram was a real water lover. When anyone jumped in the lake after work, Bertram was with him for sure. And someone like him, good swimmer and diver and- just a real water lover, dying in the fire…. it’s a bit ironic.”

“You have a point there. How was he generally? More friendly, shy or other than that?”

“Bertram was very friendly. He was always attentive and tried to help everyone who asked him for help at anything. Strangely, his son, Tobias is a bit rude, reserved and doesn’t talks very much.”

“Do you know where we can find him? We’d like to talk to him.”

“Of course. Here you’ve got a map of Tortoi Studios. They’re very big, as you probably has noticed. Right now, Tobias should work at this set, he followed in his father’s steps and is an electrician now, too. I hope you’ll find your friend. Have you contacted the police yet?”

“No. We can handle this on our own. And thanks for everything.”

They quickly left the office before the woman could talk them into contacting the police. Outside, they studied the map and decided to call Fred and Scooby to come with them and to ask, if they found out everything. Five minutes after the call, a cart appeared, driven by Fred. Sam had agreed to borrow them the cart so they could get to every point faster.

“Hey. Scoob and me couldn’t really find out anything. We met some persons, but no one could really tell something about that fire. What about you?”

“Susan, the front desk lady had a lot of information. We’ll tell you everything, but how about telling it to you while we’re driving there?” Daphne asked and pointed on a spot on the map.”

“Um… sure. May I ask what we’re expecting to see there?”

“You may, and we want to meet Bertram Meier’s son Tobias there.” Velma answered him.

“I guess you’ll better explain while we drive there.”

So everyone got back in the cart and Fred drove to the set while Velma and Daphne began to explain.

Invy: Wow man, we just gave Shag hallucinations!

Me: We sure are. You know what, I’ve got an idea there *whispering to Invy*

Invy: Oooh. You’ve gotta dark mind!

Apps: Hey!

Invy: Didn’t talk about you. Meant.. Forget it, kay?

Me: Okay… this is getting to long again. I wanted to write a bit about the contents of this chapter: So… Bertram Meier… I don’t really know why I made him German. He just is. And ‘Meier’ is one of or even the most used surname in Germany. The beer thing… that came to me when I thought about soccer. When we had the world cup here in Germany, they asked fans from other countries what they think the three best things in Germany are. And EVERYONE mentioned beer. So… yeah.

Apps: Please leave a review.

Invy: We’d sure be pleased, man!

Me: I guess, the saying ‘Me, Myself and I’ has a whole new meaning for me.


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Our own Mystery Movie Chapter 5

Me: Sorry for everyone out there that it took me longer than usual to get this next chapter here up. But I was, kinda, very fascinated with my crossover “Who says, dinosaurs are dead?” and wrote four chapters in one piece for that story…

Invy: Yeah, but it sure is cool.

Me: You’ve got a point there, but this story here’s interesting, too. Well, in the 4th chapter of “Who says, dinosaurs are dead?”, I promised that my next chapter would be for this story here. So it is.

Apps: Again, she neither owns Scooby Doo, nor Jurassic Park.

Me: … wrong story, Apps.

Apps: Oh, sorry. She doesn’t owns Scooby Doo. Honestly, she neither owns Jurassic Park, but that’s not important for this story.

Me: Now, go and read!

Calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down.

He told himself. Over and over again. But why wouldn’t it work?

First of all, he was hallucinating. He was still in that dark room by the lake in Tortoi Studios. His mind was playing tricks on him, probably because he was very hungry. And second, also if he really would be in that cellar again, that dark, gruesome cellar he swore, he would never set a foot in again, it wouldn’t happen anything really bad. He had never forgotten what had happened back then.

While he and Scooby had been creeping through the mansion, they had “found” a secret passageway, Shaggy had fallen it down while Scooby had stayed behind.

Shaggy had fallen directly into the cellar and nearly into the bad guy’s arms. This guy had bound Shaggy, who had been a bit dazed from the fall, so he couldn’t run away, to a metal pole. After regaining his normal vision, Shaggy had made out the guy doing… well, you can imagine what he had wanted to do with Velma. While Shaggy had been desperate trying to do anything, Scooby somehow had found Fred and Daphne in the mansion. It hadn’t took them long to find out that the secret passageway lead to the cellar and they had went down. Finding the bad guy, Velma and Shaggy, they quickly had comprehended what was happening and had been able to catch the guy in the small cellar and bounded him. Freeing Velma and Shaggy from their spots, everything had been over. Luckily, the guy hadn’t had enough time to do anything really bad to Velma before the others had showed up.

So, Shaggy tried to calm himself down, knowing that everyone would show up soon and save Velma and him. In the first place, Velma.

But something wasn’t like it should be.

Because the guy had done much more than he had been able to do back then.

Shaggy’s breathing got harder, he realized he was crying.

What was happening here?

Why came nobody to save Velma?

He gave a short look over to where Velma was. She was crying, too. She looked over to him.

In her eyes, there was something that nearly killed him.

They sent a question.

Why won’t you help me?

Arriving at the set, Mystery Inc. was relieved to see that they were just making a break and they would probably get a chance to speak to Tobias Meier.

They asked two men where they could find him and they simply pointed over to a young man, who stood over something that looked like blueprints. Walking nearer to him, they could see that these were plans who showed some technical details of the set they were at.

“Excuse me, are you Tobias Meier?” Velma spoke up.

The man looked up. He had sand-brown hair, green eyes and normal clothes, a blue t-shirt and black jeans. He looked them up and down before he spoke.


“We know, this may be an unpleasant topic for you, but we need to ask you some questions about your father, Bertram.”

“Step-father. And you may, if it won’t take long.”

Susan clearly had taken a good description with saying that he wouldn’t talk much.

“Well, how was your relation with your step-father?”

“I don’t know how this could help you.” he said, his eyebrows wandering down a bit while doing so.

“Please, we need to know as much about him as we can. His… ghost or whatever that is has kidnapped our friend.”

The expression on the man’s face changed. What had been suspicion before was a mix from confusion and curiosity now. “His ghost kidnapped your friend?”

“Yeah. He- Shaggy, we have to find him. So, please, would help us by giving us information about your step-father?”

“I still don’t know how this could help you, but okay. The relation between me and Bertram wasn’t a very great one. He wasn’t this rude step-father like the ones from a fairy-tale, but there wasntt much more between us than polite silence.”

“Why wasn’t there more?”

“I never really found out, I guess he couldn’t like me, but don’t know why.”

“Why did you take over his job then?”

“That wasn’t because of him, that job had been interesting me before I came to know him.”

“Is there any-” Velma began to ask another question when suddenly a loud BANG interrupted her.

Turning around, the could see that the room was slowly filing itself with smoke and on one side orange fire slowly spread. Screams could be heard and a loud voice called to everyone.


Together with other people, they began to make their way to the exit, when Velma suddenly noticed something.

“Fred!” she called and saw the blonde man coming towards her.

“What is it, Velma? We should get outta here!”

“Yeah, I know, but I haven’t seen Tobias Meier leaving. Shouldn’t he be directly in front of us? And behind us is no one left.”

Fred looked around, confused to see that there was indeed no Tobias in sight.

“Okay, we have to go back, he could still be in there!”

They quickly ran back inside and to the table they had been talking to Tobias before. Strangely, they found him under the table, his arms around his legs, shaking incredibly, repeating the words “No fire” over and over again.

“I think he is really scared of the fire, Fred, we have to get him out of here!” Velma said and was about to help Fred, when suddenly an arm gripped her from behind and hold something under her nose.

A sweet smell came to her, a smell, Velma could recognize directly.

Chloroform was her last thought before she began to sink into unconsciousness, the last thing she felt was being pulled somewhere.

Fred looked around confused. The fire hadn’t gotten over to them now, so there was no way that Velma could have gotten herself into danger somehow.

Thinking she must have gone outside, he began to pull the shaking Tobias Meier out of the building.

After some people took care of Tobias, he saw Daphne and Scooby running towards him.

“Fred? Where’s Velma?”

“I don’t know. She called me back when she noticed that Tobias hadn’t gone outside. After we found him, she was away and I thought she had gone outside and- Daphne?” he asked, realizing the young woman wasn’t listening to him.

Daphne just pointed over to one of the oversized golf-carts, that was driving away. The driver could clearly been seen. He wore a black hat, just like the one, the phantom was wearing, after what Velma had told them. On the passenger seat could be seen a young girl, sleeping and-


Me: Well, looks like the phantom has made his second prisoner.

Apps: And this Tobias Meier has a phobia of fire.

Invy: …and Shaggy has the worsest hallucinations ever.

Me: And this story should may go up one step on the rating scale. But I’m not sure. The reviewer out there, could you say me, if this story should go one rating up? Oh, and review for the chapter also :D.

Invy: So all in all, write a nice review for the chap and about that rating things.

Me: At least it looks like my writers block for this one is away… phew.


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Scooby Doo Hentai All Size

Scooby Doo Hentai All Size

Unsheathe the most wanton crimson super-hot fads of the super-sexy known worthies and ill-minded wizards feasting on warragal and sensorial shag after struggling for international all-global governance! Platinum-blonde showcase mega-slut with a poundable assets gets group-screwed and gets a lot of gloppy pleasure gel dumped on her breasts. The mega-mega-slut jumps on her banger-s bone while getting face-screwed by another antsy snatch.

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Our own Mystery Movie Chapter 7

Me: ‘You don’t know what it’s like, to be like me…’

Apps: Not again.

Me: ‘To be hurt, to feel lost, to be left out in the dark; to be kicked, when you’re down, to feel like you’ve been pushed around…’

Invy: She’s depressed again.

Me: ‘To be on the edge of breaking down and no one’s there to save you…’

Apps: Anyway. This is the next chapter. She’s sorry, but ‘Who says, Dinosaurs are dead?’, there she’s got a little writers block. Could take a while to get the next chapter up there.

Me: ‘No you don’t know what it’s like…’

Invy: She doesn’t owns Scooby Doo. Neither does she own the song she’s quoting here the whole time, the song belongs to Simple Plan and it’s name…

Me: ‘Welcome to my life.’

Apps: Exactly. Now, enjoy!

Shaggy was breathing heavily, trying to catch the air, this whole hallucination had stolen from him.

After a short moment of confusion, he noticed some things.

He was still in the little dark room at the sea.

He wasn’t gaged anymore, neither was he roped.

Someone was embracing him very tight, a head lying on his shoulder, arms around his upper body, hands doubled to fists on his back.

He didn’t even needed to look who it was, on sniff with his nose was enough to tell him, that the person embracing him was Velma, Velma in her trademark orange sweater, with her coconut flavored shampoo, with her coke-bottle glasses.

Just, why was she embracing him?

Then, realization hit him.

In his hallucination, the second Velma, the one embracing him, hadn’t been his imagination. This Velma had been real, had somehow managed to get herself in his hallucination, had brightened it up and had stopped the horrible things that had happened, brought the light and warmth in it and then, had taken him back, had got him back to the reality.

Maybe, to stop horrible things you’re hallucinating, you need the proof, that it can’t be happening.

And that Velma had been there and embraced him, that she gave him no guilt, that she was safe and not in that chair, was this proof he had needed.

He smiled when this thoughts began to fill his mind.

Velma had saved him from this horror.


He lifted his now free arms and responded the embrace, tightly pressing her to him.

She brought up her head to look him into the eyes.


She gave him a smile as an answer. “You would’ve done the same.”

“Yeah, but what if I wouldn’t be the fitting proof?”

A confused look crossed her face and she thought about his answer. Then, she began to understand. Thinking more about it, she tried to find out what her biggest fear was.

“You would.”

For some reason, this made him happy. They stared into each others eyes for minutes, until they realized, what was happening.

Reluctantly taking their arms back from the awkward situation, Shaggy noticed the handcuffs that were still around Velma’s wrists.

“What did the pha-” he began to ask slightly worried, when Velma interrupted him.

“It’s okay, Shaggy. He got me the same way he got you, with chloroform. I woke up when he was dragging me through the floor to this room here.”

“So I guess, you don’t know where exactly we are?”

“No, we could be anywhere.”

“Not anywhere. We’re somewhere near the lake.”

Velma looked puzzled. Shaggy tipped on his nose with one finger and Velma smiled. “Always trust the nose, huh?”

“Sure. But I still wonder, what he has in his mind.”

At this words, Velma’s mind began to whirl thoughts around her head very fast. She knew what the phantom had planned for them. But if she would tell Shaggy, he could panic again and she didn’t want to upset him in any way, the phantom’s mix was still in him and who knew what it could do to Shaggy if he would panic?

Guilt crept up in her, when she answered to his last sentence. “I’ve got no idea myself.”

Shaggy had noticed the slight change of her voice, but decided against asking her. They were already in enough trouble

“I guess he took your skeleton keys?”

Velma nodded.

“Looks like we’re stuck then.”

They fell silent and just sat next to each others, backs against the wall.

Velma laid her head on his shoulder. His heart began to beat a bit faster, but he didn’t said anything against it. Some moments passed, before Shaggy turned his head to look into Velma’s eyes. They remained in that position for a few minutes, gazing into each other’s eyes, not able to look somewhere else. Then, slowly, very slowly, Shaggy bent down. Velma, in response, stretched her head slowly towards his.

Their lips barely brushed, when they heard how somebody turned the key and opened the door.

As fast as they could, they backed away from each other, hearts beating terribly fast.

The phantom entered the room and frowned, visibly disappointed that his mix had been beaten and that Shaggy seemed to be alright. Both, Velma and Shaggy, glared at him.

He saw immediately, that Shaggy wasn’t roped anymore and that Velma had her hands in front of her. Slightly frightened, that they would be able to knock him out together, he took out a pistol to make sure they wouldn’t try anything.

Pointing the gun to Velma, he spoke. “Stand up. Come with me.” Velma just hold her glare, making no move to come with the phantom.

The phantom got angry. Shortly thinking about what to do, an idea came up in his mind. He moved the pistol a bit and it pointed to Shaggy now.

“Stand up. Come with me.” he repeated his words to Velma.

Velma felt her heart froze. She knew, the phantom had planned to let Shaggy die in this house by burning it down, but maybe, he could be saved before the flames would reach him, when someone would notice the fire fast enough… Would the phantom really destroy its own plans by killing Shaggy with a shoot now? She looked at Shaggy. He looked back, directly into her eyes. Almost not visibly, he shook his head. He didn’t want her to go with the phantom, the gun pointing to him was indifferent for him, he just wanted Velma to be safe.

He closed his eyes and his head sunk down a bit, when Velma stood up and walked over to the phantom.

The phantom stood there shortly, not moving, undecided if he should tie Shaggy up again or not. Deciding against it, he was about to set the house on fire, also without being roped, Shaggy probably hadn’t a chance to escape in any way, the phantom turned around and pushed Velma out of the room, locking the room behind him.

Then, the phantom made the probably biggest mistake in his life.

He left the key in the keyhole.

Back in the room, Shaggy quickly began to have problems to hold himself in the reality.

His proof, holding him in the room, saving him from his hallucination, was gone.

But then, Shaggy noticed something.

The phantom had left the key in the keyhole.

Of course, he wasn’t able to turn the key around from his site, but maybe, if he could somehow get the key…

That was, when he smelled the fire.

It was not near enough for him to feel it and he couldn’t see anything of it, but he could smell it. The phantom had set the house on fire. It wanted to… kill him. Definitely. Trying not to panic or freak out, Shaggy stood still for a moment. It took him a time, to fight back the panic, that brought pictures of his hallucination back to him, but he managed to calm down enough to think clear.

He had to get the key.

His gaze jumping through the room, it fell on the wallpaper that hung loosely from the wall.

An idea, a little bit of hope and the smallest smile came to him.

Turning to the door, he laid his head on the ground to see through the slit under the door. It should be big enough and, after all, was his only hope.

He turned to the room again. Hastily, he ripped one large piece of the wallpaper and one smaller piece of the wall and went back to the door. He shoved the larger piece of paper halfway through the slit under the door and then rolled the smaller piece together. He push with the little roll in the keyhole and, after some time, heard the key falling down on the other side. Praying that the key had landed on it, he pulled the larger wallpaper back to him and smirked, when he saw the key lying on it.

Quickly grabbing it, he unlocked the door and stormed out of the room.

Now, he could feel the fire, too.

It took him some time, but he realized, that he was in the upper store of a two-stored house. He ran to the stairs immediately.

Now, he could see the fire.

It had made the half way up the stairs and was slowly coming nearer.

Escaping through the front door was scratched from the list.

Only one option was left. Jumping through one of the windows.

He turned around and opened the next window. A quick look down told him, that it was a jump of maybe three meter. The ground was earth. It would be an easy jump.

As a gymnast, Shaggy knew how he had to land if he wanted to cushion his fall.

One last look to the flames and the smoke that thickened around him and then, he jumped.

Meanwhile, the phantom had pushed Velma on a footbridge that reached far over the lake. The phantom had taken the handcuffs away, Velma wasn’t sure why though.

Velma’s thoughts quickly found the reason for this. ‘You’ll die at Bertram’s favorite place’. Of course, that meant the water, Susan had told them, that he had been a real water lover.

A quick look back to the house, that was really very near to the lake showed her, that the whole ground floor was burning now.

‘Please, make someone see it and help Shaggy.’ she thought.

They had driven around the lake for a while now.

Daphne had told Fred and Scooby about Bertram’s love for the water and, seeing that they hadn’t any better clue, they had decided to look around the lake.

That was, when they saw the smoke.

No one had probably ever felt the relief, Velma had felt when she had seen Shaggy.

She had no idea, how he had come out of the house and behind the bushes he was hiding right now, so the phantom couldn’t see him, but it was indifferent how, the thing that mattered was that he had come out.

And suddenly she felt much safer.

Shaggy ran.

It didn’t matter, that the phantom had a pistol, he didn’t cared.

He just wanted to get to Velma.

The phantom was standing at the end of the footbridge with Velma, Shaggy didn’t really know what the phantom wanted to do with her know, but it couldn’t be anything good.

That was, when the phantom noticed the lanky man with the green shirt running towards him and Velma.

While he took out his pistol and shoot at Shaggy, he pushed Velma into the lake.

Invy: Wow. That’s… long.

Me: ‘We’re running out of time and you just don’t get it, now you’re watching people die and you still don’t care..’

Apps: Here she goes again…

Invy: Yep. However. She doesn’t owns the song she is singing now, too. That’s ‘Running out of time’ by Simple Plan.

Me: ‘We’re running out of time and you just don’t get that this is how I feel…’

Apps: And please, leave this depressed girl a review.

Me: ‘There’s a million things I hate about you!’

Invy: And don’t take the songs pers’nal.


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